Return and exchanges

You may ask for an exchange or a refund in one of the following cases:

  • If you received a different product from the one you ordered.
  • If your product is faulty or damaged.

To ask for an exchange or refund you have 10 days upon recepetion in order to realize it. It should have the following characteristics:

If you received a different product from the one you ordered.

  • It should be in its original package and without opening. 

If your product is faulty or damaged.

  • Products must not be used and must be returned in its original packing.
  • If theyr'e electronics (with batteries or plug) these must be sealed (original seal).
  • In case of fragile products ( that contain some material that may brake) these must be in its original packing with all its corresponding protections. 

When you return a product, you accept that the refund and the way it is accredited may vary acording to the product's condition.

If your return a different product or in different conditions to the one we send, we won't be able to process your refund. 

How to return a product? 

Just send us an email to indicating the subject: Refund or exchange, according to your case. You should also add the order number, and an image of the product as you recevied it. In the body of the email please indicate the matter for the exchange or refund. If the address where you are going to send the product is different from the one we have in our system , please indicate the new one.

If your email counts with the time and concept established for returns , we will send you a pre paid tracking number in order to return the product. With the latter you will be able to monitor and validate as soon as we receive your product. 

Once the product is received by dátelo. We'll corrroborate that it matches the stipulated conditions in a time frame no longer of 8 working days upon the time of reception. If everything is verified we proceed to send the correct product or your refund , according to your case. In both cases we'll confirm you with an email. 

Products that can't be returned

Digestible products, such as food, drinks, vitamins and supplements.

Customer Service

A quick and efficent customer service is our main commitment.

That is why you can have the safety that we'll give you an answer in no longer of 4 working days upon the reception of your email. Our working hours are Monday to Thursday from 8:00 to 17:30 hrs and Friday 7:30 to 14:30 hrs.