Buying at dátelo

1. In order to have the best shopping experience we recommend that you suscribe to our website.

2. Find the products that you wish to buy through our search engine or entering to our different categories.

3.If there's a product that you like , you can add it to your "favorites" and continue scrolling in our website.

4. If your'e in love with a product, you can buy it inmediatly just add it to your shopping cart. Also you can see its details in the description area. You can also find images of the product's dimensions so you will receive true to description.

5. When you finish shopping and have all your selected products you must select the shipping and payment method.

6. You can select the following payment options: Debit or credit card, Payment at Oxxo, Paypal and Bank Transfer SPEI. You will receive a confirmation email once this is done.

If you have further queries , send us an email to or contact us via whatsapp in order to serve you inmediatly.

Product Delivery

When you buy at dátelo you can select where to receive your products by entering all the required information in the delivery form. If your'e not available when we deliver your product at home or your office, don't worry! we'll coordinate a new one. 

Shipping your products

Please indicate the address where you want to receive your products when you purchase them by filling the correct form. At dátelo we wish to papmer you our  record time  product delivery, that is why we send them through the best shipping companies that have great prestige not only at a national level, but international as well.  In order to acheive so we work with the best shipping companies to assure that your product arrives in the optimal conditions. 

Delivery Times

At dátelo we want everybody to be able to buy our products that is why we'll send them wherever you are. The shipping cost will depend of the product's  weight and the region and locality in which your'e ordering from.  You can see the shipping details once that you have selected the region at the checkout stage.

My product Status

In order to know your product status you should enter to our website in the section My account and you can search your products in the section My orders where your shipping details will be constantly updated. If your order hasn't arrived yet ,please fill our contact form or contact us via whatsapp to be attended inmediatly