Complete care combo: "Pet Flea Spray" repellent lotion, "Pet Oil" Tear Cleaner and "Neutral Pet" Urine Neutralizer Spray (250 ml), (80 ml) and 250 (ml)

Sale price$ 430


  • Presentation in spray of 250 ml, in oil of 80 ml and in spray of 250 ml
  • Complete care combo for your pet
  • It contains a "Flea Pet Spray" that protects your pet from annoying fleas with a repellent effect.
  • It also contains a tear oil "Pet Oil" that cleans in a noble way the annoying stains under the eyes of your pets.
  • Finally, it contains an odour neutralising spray "Neutra Pet" that eliminates the odours of urine from your pets when applied to the stained area. 

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